W9 makeup: Cop J barely beats Presidente

Score Report
Cop J – Giants – 14
xBSxPresidente – Cowboys – 7

Cop J: “It was a tight game throughout. We struggled stopping Jason Witten, but once we figured out the game plan, our defense stepped up. Good one pres”

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W12 makeup: Cop J and the Giants D hold on to a victory over Your Not Ready

Score Report
Cop J – Giants – 29
Your Not Ready – Packers – 21


Cop J: “Probably one of the best games I’ve played in a while. Packers were up 14-0 at the end of the first and I thought it was going to get ugly. 2nd quarter we played better defense and made Aaron Rodgers throw 3 INTs and we put 10 hard fought points on the board.

Going into the second half we were down 14-10, but we forced a fumble on the kickoff return and converted a FG. That made the score 14-13. We forced Aaron Rodgers to throw 2 more INTs in the third and stretched our lead to 26-14.

We began to relax in the fourth after converting a 54 yard field goal to stretch the lead to 29-14. Aaron Rodgers came back and threw a TD making it 29-21.

The Giants defense buckled down and won the game on defense. Jason Pierre Paul finished with 2 sacks and continuously put pressure on Rodgers. While Rodgers was driving down the field, Paul put pressure on him and made him throw a costly INT.

Click below for a video of the INT Rodgers threw to seal the game:

Great game, had us on our heels. Hope to see you in the playoffs rookie.”

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W18: Sicker than you puts a beating on Jpmoney

Score Report
Sicker Than You – Redskins – 55
Jpmoney – Broncos – 13

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W11 makeup: LeeRoyalty holds xBSxPresidente to a FG

Score Report
Leeroyalty – Eagles – 34
Presidente – Cowboys – 3


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W16: League leader Kgoods blow away Jpmoney in the 2nd half

Kgoods – Ravens – 56
Jpmoney – Broncos – 21


Kgoods: “Was actually 14-14 midway through the 3rd quarter then defense and offense finally started playing”

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W12 makeup: Reefhood battles LeeRoyalty for the royal win

Score Report
Reefhood – 49ers – 33
Leeroyalty – Eagles – 7

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W14 makeup: Cop J wins battle of the COPS over Copmac

Score Report
Cop J – Giants – 45
COPMAC – Jets – 6


Cop J: “Copmac went down and scored on the opening drive. We thought we were in for a long night, but Eli came back with a quick TD with a great pass to Victor “Salsa” Cruz. Next possession was similar and ended in a TD. We got the ball first after halftime and Victor Cruz ran the kickoff back for a TD. From there on we just played our game and it was too hard for Mark Sanchez to catch up. Good game!”

COPMAC: “guess Giants vs Jets = automatic problems for the Jets. This is the 1st game where the Jets defense wouldn’t intercept or bat the ball down. They never even tried. If Sanchez was under center all his passes were inaccurate. Even the shortest passes. It was one of those games that you had to see to understand. It felt like I couldn’t do anything because I had the Jets. Eli was completing 60 yard passes as he was getting hit. Still it was worth playing.”

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W7 makeup: Cop J wins a close one over Gotti09

Score Report
Cop J – Giants – 24
Gotti09 – Panthers – 10

Cop J: “We threw two early picks and were losing it early, but we changed our offense to come out on top. Good match Gotti”

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W11 makeup: Gotti09 and the Panthers shut down Big Coop

Score Report
Big Coop – Steelers – 14
Gotti09 – Panthers – 26

No words from either party, but the battle of the vets was won by Gotti09

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W11 makeup: Kgoods gets ahead early with kickoff return and win over OgBumpy

Score Report
Kgoods – Ravens – 34
OgBumpy – Bengals – 31

Kgoods: “It was a good game started out with a 103 yd kick return for a td for ravens then got it tied up but ravens d exploded in the 2nd quarter with 2 pick sixes to put me in the lead for good. Made it close in the 4th quarter but i went ahead on a 57 yd field goal to basically seal the deal to go up 10 an he scored a late td to pull within 3..good game”

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